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Author Topic: Deep Shock | Indiegogo | "Italian giallo" is ready to make its return in 2015!"  (Read 2952 times)


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Visit Deep Shock | Indiegogo here

If you're a fan of Italian Giallo from the 60's and 70's, this project is for you!

Deep Shock attempts to pay tribute to the Italian film genre called “giallo”, as in 2014 its 50th anniversary will take place. The title of this project is inspired by the most famous horror movies of two of the most important Italian directors: Dario Argento (Deep Red) and Mario Bava (Shock).

It is a short film that mixes thriller atmospheres with horror cinema arguments. The goal is to recreate the magic and true intrigue from some movies from the 70s, adapting them to the technical evolution and development that this genre has experienced all along.

Furthermore, the plot offers the audience the chance to feel identified and be brought to different challenges: rational vs. irrational, thriller vs. horror, life vs. death, good vs. evil… All of this taking into account characteristic elements of the “giallo”.

Davide Melini | Director

Come assist short filmmaker Davide Melini ( Face Book | IMDb ) create cinematic magic with a short film influenced by the great giallo of the 60s and 70s.

Love this prospect of a return to Giallo cinema please come and check out what Davide has to offer on his Deep Shock Indiegogo campaign page Here you will discover what is on offer; more about Deep Shock and naturally the perks for contributing.

If you are unable to make a contribution financially, but think what you read and experienced on the videos are exciting, please consider contributing in another fashion; word go mouth. Share the Deep Shock Indiegogo link on your Face Book page and any other social settings you may hang out at on the net.

Whatever you decide to do to help assist Davide Melini raise the funds to finish his vision of of 60/70s Giallo magic that is Deep Shock will be much appreciated.