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Pieces of Talent {2012}
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Favourite Asian Films
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Jengo Hooper {2015}
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Attending Upcoming Festivals and Screenings
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Rites of Spring (2011)
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Sick Nurses / Suay Laak Sai (2007)
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EHC's Blogging Preview

EHC's Movie Contest

Guess the horror screenshot!
...and win your choice of one of three books that our favorite horror author has been apart of.

George Pastore aka Macready on is a talented writer and absolutly loves the  genre.  The Winner can choose one of his three books and he will personally inscribe it and  send it to you. If you'd like a special written note, he definitely will; just let him know what you would like.  If you are a guest, please register to enter EHC's movie contest.

These are the choices of your prize:

Legends Untold, The Dead and Not So Dead, and Mythos

Contest Rules:
  • The contest will begin May 25th
  • The next four images will be posted in one week on June 1st
  • The last two images will be posted on June 8th
  • Form enteries must be submitted June 14th before midnight Central Time Zone!
  • The winner will be announced :  June 15th

When the winner is announced, it will be displayed on the front page with all the pictures and their movie titles.