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EHC's Movie Contest

Guess the horror screenshot!
...and win your choice of one of three books that our favorite horror author has been apart of.

George Pastore aka Macready on is a talented writer and absolutly loves the  genre.  The Winner can choose one of his three books and he will personally inscribe it and  send it to you. If you'd like a special written note, he definitely will; just let him know what you would like.  If you are a guest, please register to enter EHC's movie contest.

These are the choices of your prize:

Legends Untold, The Dead and Not So Dead, and Mythos

Contest Rules:
  • The contest will begin May 25th
  • The next four images will be posted in one week on June 1st
  • The last two images will be posted on June 8th
  • Form enteries must be submitted June 14th before midnight Central Time Zone!
  • The winner will be announced :  June 15th

When the winner is announced, it will be displayed on the front page with all the pictures and their movie titles.