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Author Topic: Kawaki aka The World of Kanako (2014) ~  (Read 1012 times)

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Kawaki aka The World of Kanako (2014) ~
« on: November 09, 2015, 06:32:55 PM »

Kanako, a beautiful girl and one of the best students at school, goes missing with all the belongings left behind in her room. Her father Akikazu is now asked by his ex-wife to look for their daughter. He starts a desperate search of Kanako using any means, in the hope of getting his "ideal" family back in place despite the fact that the very reason of the family breakup was because of his problematic personality and behaviors. Following tracks of her past and present and talking to her "friends," he starts to get to know his daughter whom he never knew or didn't even attempt to know. When Akikazu is led to one clue, he realizes the world Kanako was facing beyond his imagination...

The World of Kanako is an intense and fast-paced japanese thriller by Tetsuya Nakashima, a director known for Confessions (2000). This time the protagonist is a perfect antihero, who is searching for her missing daughter through the streets of a dark Tokyo as he discovers the true and sinister motives of her disappearance.

But be warned, it's a chaotic, violent and crazy film with a frenetic pace that may be too much for many, and it can be exhausting at times. Still it is a very interesting film that definitely deserves a viewing.
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Re: Kawaki aka The World of Kanako (2014) ~
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2016, 02:26:32 PM »
This was messy insane!