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Post The Last Movie You Watched
by Mayvmi
[Today at 06:08:23 AM]
Mouth To Mouth (2005)
by perturbed
[Yesterday at 11:18:36 PM]
The Man With Two Brains (1983)
by perturbed
[Yesterday at 11:10:15 PM]
The President's Last Bang (2005)
by perturbed
[Yesterday at 11:05:03 PM]
by splat
[Yesterday at 10:02:15 PM]
Difficulty Breathing {2017} 2018 Release
by splat
[Yesterday at 09:48:58 PM]
The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)
by splat
[November 21, 2017, 10:22:00 PM]
Withdrawal (2017) - Short Film - Mayvmi Films
by splat
[November 21, 2017, 09:57:50 PM]
The Bad Man (2016)
by woodenheart
[November 21, 2017, 07:33:03 PM]
Blade of the Immortal {2017}
by Seikotik
[November 21, 2017, 04:46:35 PM]
BRUTAL. A Japanese Extreme Violent Romance Film
by Mayvmi
[November 21, 2017, 04:25:53 PM]
black lava entertainment
by woodenheart
[November 20, 2017, 06:03:02 PM]
Bonehill Road {2017}
by woodenheart
[November 20, 2017, 04:33:10 PM]
Short Films From the UNDERGROUND.
by woodenheart
[November 20, 2017, 04:31:50 AM]
Blaze of Gory {2014}
by splat
[November 13, 2017, 10:12:28 PM]

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General Movie Discussion / Re: Post The Last Movie You Watched
« Last post by Mayvmi on Today at 06:08:23 AM »
DIS (2017)

Faces of Snuff (2016)
The British are Coming! / Mouth To Mouth (2005)
« Last post by perturbed on Yesterday at 11:18:36 PM »
Mouth To Mouth (2005)

Sherry, a young runaway meets the radical street collective SPARK - Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge - while she is living on the streets of Europe. She travels through the continent in the SPARK van, recruiting members from street gangs and disenfranchised youth at raves and town squares and experiencing the groupís giddy thrills.
General Horror Films / The Man With Two Brains (1983)
« Last post by perturbed on Yesterday at 11:10:15 PM »
The Man With Two Brains (1983)

Top surgeon Dr. Michael Hfurhuhurr (Steve Martin), pioneer of the screw-top brain technique, and his foxy wife, Dolores (Kathleen Turner), try to save their ailing marriage with a trip to Vienna, where the doctor promptly falls in love with a brain in a jar (voiced by Sissy Spacek). Unfortunately, Brain #21 is dying, and Hfurhuhurr must find her a body fast in this 1983 comic gem, which features Martin at the peak of his wild and crazy powers.
Korean Cinema / The President's Last Bang (2005)
« Last post by perturbed on Yesterday at 11:05:03 PM »
The President's Last Bang (2005)

On October 26, 1979, President Park Chung Hee, who had ruled South Korea since a 1961 coup, was assassinated by Kim Jae Kyu, his director of intelligence. The film depicts the events of that night, with a coda about the fate of each conspirator. While Park dines in the Blue House with two associates and two young women, Kim carries out his plot. He talks briefly of bringing democracy; mostly he seems irritated. The other assassins seem without motive beyond following orders. The killings are bloody, the aftermath equally disorderly and haphazard. Can major events of history be so mundane, so nearly comic?
The Filmmakers Chamber / Re: mentalheadtraumafilms
« Last post by splat on Yesterday at 10:02:15 PM »
pre fucking pre production and fucking some

probably going to be boring as shit with sprinkles of awesomeness in here but hey shit does happen

rules will be broken...if there was any...and no there wasn't

tis is mentalheadtraumafilms after all and not high school english class...or mainstream cin-enema for that matter

got off my arse, went to the gym to show how shit I am! but at the least it is a re-start in the right direction for once this year of death that is 2017

along with the exercise for the body also been reading...MAKING MOVIES by JOHN may know of him from some zombie movie called NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

funny yan chaos saw I made this purchase and stated no need for this as I am awesome at making shorts as it is...something like that anyway

nothing wrong with some learning...

and in a LOT of ways that is what these journals will be about!


Underground Horror Films / Re: Difficulty Breathing {2017} 2018 Release
« Last post by splat on Yesterday at 09:48:58 PM »
Sounds amazing, something worthy to review for here!
Underground Horror Films / Re: Difficulty Breathing {2017} 2018 Release
« Last post by Seikotik on Yesterday at 07:37:57 PM »
Ohhhh. Going to pre-order me a dvd and vhs when possible.
Underground Horror Films / Re: Difficulty Breathing {2017} 2018 Release
« Last post by woodenheart on Yesterday at 07:34:06 PM »
Directors other short film...

The Rope Maiden (2013)

Underground Horror Films / Difficulty Breathing {2017} 2018 Release
« Last post by woodenheart on Yesterday at 07:23:46 PM »

Subject of a violent attack, a young woman becomes recluse.
As her fear to leave home escalates, her paranoia begins to run wild.
Now immersed within a pool of self-nurtured insanity, she slowly starts to drown.

Director: Guy Pearce


First of all, thank you for all your interest and patience. Thank you everyone who was involved in making this: The cast, of course, Ruben for contributing his noise beast Writhe, Ula for her fantastic art work, and a huge thanks to Mayuko for all her help with design work, stickers, posters, DVD cover as well as translations! Thank you all.

Difficulty Breathing will be release on:
DVD - LTD 100 £15 / $20
VHS - LTD 35 £20 / $25
Both will come signed and numbered.
If you have a Rope Maiden VHS and want to match the number, PM me and I'll make sure you get the same number.

Japanese Premiere
Behind The Scenes: Photo Gallery
Han's Thoughts
Doodle-To-Screen Comparisons

The official release date is December 9th, where we will have a release party at イマジネーション ピカスペース where you can buy advance copies and enjoy a screening.

Due to me flying back home for the holidays, internet orders will start a little later. Pre-orders will officially start on December 27th, when my new webstore will go live. And copies will start shipping on January 10th, which also marks the 1 year cycle of concept to completion.
Up on the webstore there will also be DF posters & stickers, and I'll be restocking the long time unavailable THE ROPE MAIDEN!

Around Christmas I will also do a giveaway contest, where you can win a copy of 10LTD advance premiere tapes.
Contest details coming later!

Outside of Japan there will be a flat rate of
1st item £8 / $10. 2nd item +£2 / +$3
Single DVD orders will be shipped in bubble mailers, everything else including 2 items+ orders will be shipped in boxes.

Thanks for reading! Please like and share where appropriate.

Guy SF.

DIY VHS! Got some black bottom loaders in. All tapes will come numbered and signed.

~Director and Cast~
Television/Entertainment / Re: Most Recent TV Show You Watched
« Last post by Mayvmi on Yesterday at 02:49:13 AM »
Stranger Things Season 2

Episode 4, 5
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