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Splat's Top 10 Underground Releases of 2014

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Decided to go for a Top 10 Underground 2014 as quite simply I am doing the best to showcase and get out there these films from the guys doing it on their own for the most part; people with vision and the will power to go out there and create their horrific visions. So many great movies that could have been in this list but alas it is Top 10 and doing a Top 20 would drive me farther down the path to insanity!

One last thing before you read the list; you will notice all of these are in alphabetical order, feel film taste can be subjective to whims and moods at the time. All I will say is I love each of these films for the different flavours they gave to me; from  arthouse to straight up insanity and gore!

Battery (The)

Splat you crazy fuck, this isn't Underground!

Well…tis my list so….

Jeremy Gardner's zombie road trip buddy movie got it's much deserved release this year and I was very excited! It took a while but finally the exciting news arrived and boom! Seeing this on the shelf at JB Hi Fi was a religious experience for me and when I snatched it up I just stood there holding it to my bosom. Brilliant the Australian release got the original poster artwork!

The Battery EHC

The Zombie Arena http://extremehorrorcinema.com/index.php?topic=1392.0

Cemetery (The)

What can I say about Adam Ahlbrandt's The Cemetery that I haven't already stated elsewhere; I was so damned happy for my mate when he got those amazing releases from German company Illusions UNLTD and naturally Massacre Video…bloody gore-some demonic possession insanity!

The Cemetery EHC

Underground Horror Films http://extremehorrorcinema.com/index.php?topic=131.0


Ryan Nicholson went by his word in his Indiegogo campaign and created an exploitation, sick fuck horror flick sans his trademark humour that goes down a treat.

Collar EHC

Underground Horror Films http://extremehorrorcinema.com/index.php?topic=2653.0

EHC Reviews & Interviews | Splat http://xviews.extremehorrorcinema.com/collar-2014/


Trevor Juenger's art house horror starring the amazing Bill Oberst Jr was a movie I had been looking forwards to for a long time. Once I got the chance to view it it didn't disappoint with it's take on a man going to the deep end of mental decay and insanity!

Coyote EHC

Underground Horror Films http://extremehorrorcinema.com/index.php?topic=2015.msg35936#msg35936

EHC Reviews & Interviews | Splat http://xviews.extremehorrorcinema.com/coyote-2013-2/


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