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Author Topic: Creatures From the Abyss (1994)  (Read 192 times)

Offline splat

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Creatures From the Abyss (1994)
« on: October 22, 2017, 02:17:41 AM »
Massimiliano Cerchi's Debut...


Five bright young teenagers decide to go for a ride in a small rowboat on the open ocean. Strangely, they come across an abandoned yacht with a mysterious biology laboratory! Bob and Julie decide to make love on the boat, but radioactive plankton from the lab infects them. How will they escape when Bob messily devours Julie and monsters begin running rampant on the boat.

In the credits for Plankton (1994) it states the director is Al Passeri. Found out one day chatting with Massimiliano Cerchi he was to blame.

Experiencing Creatures From the Abyss for the first time in years it didn't feel like terrible acting at all. Felt like low budget Italian Filmmaking to the Max. Which it is, as it turns out it is brethren to a favourite of mine, Premutos....weird dubbing. Should it be in Italian, this feels like home for Plankton...radioactive at that!

What happens is that these guys discover this yacht and go on board as they are desperate. What leads to their decline is that one of the guys...Bob, finds this powder and snorts it as he thinks they are on a drug one on board as he thinks they were all murdered or something...and he snorts it. Weird shit is happening on board, flying fish from the bottom of the ocean and at the end people end up turning into these creatures that try and kill their friends.

Plankton turns out to be a deeply quotable film with some decent effects in it.

This one is a love / hate kind of film experience. hated it the first time then when I paid my revisit actually enjoyed it for what it was...a weird experience in Indie Filmmaking!