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Author Topic: Babysitting 2  (Read 132 times)

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Babysitting 2
« on: July 07, 2017, 11:54:38 PM »

Nicolas Benamou, Philippe Lacheau

Julien Arruti

Nicolas Benamou

Philippe Lacheau

Pierre Lacheau

Produced by
Christophe Cervoni
...   producer
Julien Deris
...   co-producer
Franck Elbase
...   co-producer
Marc Fiszman
...   producer
David Gauquié
...   co-producer
Serge Hayat
...   Equity Provider
Nicolas Lesage
...   co-producer
Etienne Mallet
...   co-producer

Music by
Maxime Desprez

Michaël Tordjman

Cinematography by
Antoine Marteau

Film Editing by
Olivier Michaut-Alchourroun

Duration:- 1 hour 33 minutes
Verdict:- 6.5/10 (Decent performances, though in the mid way it gets bit boring, but picks pace eventually so bear that part).
So, after reviewing the 1st part earlier, I naturally decided to give this a try and fairly I was somewhat half happy with the effort. It is funny I won’t deny it, but I felt the earlier spark of the movie was missing and the movie does lose its grip in mid way around or so, but not for long, but it picks its pace eventually and then it works fine for rest of the movie. That being said, if you have watched the 1st part I am pretty sure you would still consider 1st part to be better version of this series rather than the 2nd one. But that being said I still find that the fun is there but it takes time to get to the humor anyway.
The cinematography and the execution and the performances are still solid like in the 1st part or so, but like I said the spark is eventually missing and you can feel it once you sit thru it anyway.  So let’s get with the story anyway.
The movie starts with the first movie ends up. Francks’ dream comes true and eventually he decides to go to Brazil to meet his future father in law who owns a resort there and one who believes in recycling goods and organic foods along with his friends. Once they land there, they meet up with Sonia’s family and her grandma who is quite old and relies on golf cart for travelling distances. Everything is going okay so far and Franck thinks it is the right time to propose to Sonia for marriage. But during an awkward girlie conversation which Franck and his friends hear Sonia tells her best gf who happens to be the wife of Franck’s friend as well, that she doesn’t find Franck macho enough to be her future hubby and he always avoid troubles rather than facing and she is somewhat unsure about the marriage thing and all. This hurts Franck a bit and in order to cheer him up, his friends decide to go on a tour along with some hot babes they encountered earlier in the market to join along with them. So the boys pack their gears and all and are about to head out, when Franck’s not sure of Franck and his gangs intention asks them to take his grandma along with them for a tour and cheer her up. Finding no other option, they take Grandma to the tour and that is when things get messed up and Sonia and her family find the Digi Cam in the hotel, which reveals Franck’s and his gangs crazy adventure.
Lots of shit happens in this movie like Franck getting bitten by a poisonous snake, messing things up for the tribes over there and jumping off the cliff to save their arse from the local tribes everything you want to experience it is all there. Meanwhile one of the gals who has accompanied them along the journey finds Franck hot and wishes to have a romantic liaison with him as well. But Franck is in love with Sonia and doesn’t seem to be interested in her as well. So, will Franck and his gang walk outta this mess and more importantly, will Sonia change her decision to be with him? Well I won’t spill the beans but like I said it is good to watch for sure and chuckle for some time.
Some of the old cast returns as well and Sonia’s Cousin along with his adulteress wife makes a entry as well and they both are fun to watch as well. Things get bit boring in mid way or so, but it doesn’t stay for too long and it picks pace eventually. You even get to know the real truth behind Sonia’s father’s dirty secret he has been hiding for years now and even the funny secret about the other gal who thinks she had sex with Franck that night, but in fact it is someone else and darn Franck’s best bud has to end up having sex with the tribes fattest woman as a ritual kind of deal. It will surely bring a chuckle out of you guys for sure.
The negativity as I mentioned earlier was the bit dragged mid which fortunately lasts for a short time and then it picks its pace.
The series ends here I presume but if they plan to have a sequel of it someday, let’s see how wild it gets then.

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