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Author Topic: RAW 2016  (Read 138 times)

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RAW 2016
« on: May 27, 2017, 12:49:44 AM »

Director: Julia Ducournau

Writer: Julia Ducournau

Stars: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Nait Oufella

Music by: Jim Williams
Cinematography by : Ruben Impens

Film Editing by: Jean-Christophe, Bouzy    

Duration:- 99 minutes

Verdict:- 9/10 (Am in awe with Julia and Garance now, and fuck about the haters but this is the definitely one of the movie not to be missed at any stance, Fucking amazing cinematography, performances and the brutal reality shown here might make you puke or laugh as well)

I think this movie has been on the watchlist for most horror fans ever since the trailer emerged online. I had put this movie on hold on my watchlist and finally i had the chance to see it and i just am speechless after viewing it multiple times continuously for past few days. It never feels dull even after so many re-watch and a re-watch again and again brings a whole new experience not to be missed anyway.

Yes,like most of you guys who read shit on internet and all about the Cannes festival premiere of this movie, where some people fainted or even puked, i honestly feel, that when you know its coming of a age/ cannibalistic movie, you are bound to have some grotesque moments in it and certainly i told get that, but spreading negative criticism about it ( yeh some women especially women now hate Julia now for her vision and it was evident from a interview Julia and Garance were having on stage and one women literally made a outburst and boy the way Julia reacted to the situation with her words, boy am in so awe with her now and the way she analyzes things makes her one of the most fucking amazing new talent to watch out for. Her next movie might be based on serial killers and am eager to check her work now. But one thing is for sure, whether anyone agrees to me or not.

Maybe the new movie might be as good as Raw or perhaps Shit, it doesn't matter, mistakes are part of human nature, and certainly i hope That doesn't make Julia feel bad if things didn't work out for her in the new project or so. But Raw has definitely made her on the watch list of the most newbie/experienced horror or movie fan buff and its quite an achievement to do considering this is only her debut movie beside directing a short movie in past called Junior with Garance as the main lead in it. So i suppose Garance was her first choice obviously considering the fact that she has worked with her and the comfort level is amazing between them.

The Scenes are part of the story,in fact they help the movie to progress ahead and its not done to sensationalize the movie or so, but whatever shit you are gonna get into, well one thing is for sure, you are gonna jump to your edge of the seat or gonna yell in disgust for the visions Julia has potrayed in the movie and i really admire her guts in making her actors do things which normally most experienced/newbie actors would literally think twice before doing twice. Just in case, if you are aware or not, the main character Justine aka Garance is just 19 years old and she is gonna be attending college next year or so. but boy i am so in awe with her presence in this movie that i definitely feel that rather than a star,a actor is born and she is something worth to look out for in future.

Course most by now everyone has heard or even read about this movie synopsis online or so, so i really don't feel the need to get into the basics of it. Rest assured, Everyone in this movie and everything in this movie totally makes you give it a re-watch at some stage or so. The transformation, the lust, the rivalry, the urge to break free into something which Justine is experiencing now for a change is a treat not to miss at any costs.

I honestly feel Garance totally owns this movie the moment she enters in the frame of this movie and she totally is the reason this movie works and course Julia's amazing execution as well.  Rest are good in their supporting roles and i totally don't have anyone to blame for the bad acting or so. The cinematography,the background score totally brings a certain charisma to the movie. When was the last time where you watched a movie and decided to give it a re watch least more than twice or so,and still felt like revisiting it again and again just for the sheer brutality and amazing execution. I really haven't been so far lucky yet but Raw is definitely one of the movie now, which forced me to watch it atleast i think 10 times so far in 2 days. yes am not shitting as well.

The story is basically about a transformation towards cannibalism or more like a path which is somewhat part of their family and the elder sister has embraced it and is aware of it, but Justine experiences it first time in Vet School and can she stick to this path forever and more importantly will her family finally understand Justine and her transformation which is somewhat considered taboo in today's society? that would be the simple basic premise of the movie Raw.

I seriously hope more and more people accept and love this movie just for the fucking fantastic originality which very few directors have done so far or perhaps done in past, but in totally unrealistic way. here we get to see a world thru human mind where we realize things are gonna be taboo for us in some way or another, but still life goes on and we humans have found a bait to bitch at for rest of our life.

Thanks Julia and Garance for this amazing vision of yours.

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