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EHC's Blogging Preview

People wouldn't really take a 17 year-old filmmaker seriously... But I'm going to prove them wrong. I want to make people laugh, get sick, be horrified, and be entertained all at the same time.’’

‘’Don't worry about a budget, just pick up a camera and film. Write about stuff you know, see everyday and use your friends and family in your movie.’’

‘’I was at Johnny Dickies house so he threw me in the movie. One minute you’re hanging out with Johnny, the next you're in his film. Lol’’

~Commenting on Johnny Dickie’s City of the Dream Demons~

~The Prodigy~

I bring you...Anthony Edward Curry...I was looking up films for my site and then there he was - 15 year old Anthony Edward Curry , producer of my then obsession Perseveration. I first met him through Facebook when I opened up EHC last year. EHC is dedicated to extreme horror films and are always looking for new sick and fucked up movies and the amazing directors that film them. I really needed to know more about him.

A little background.. His father rented Texas Chainsaw Massacre one evening but his mom did not allow Anthony to watch, so he snuck out of his room to take a look. He hid behind the couch and watched the whole film and right then and there a horror fan was born; he was only 6 years old. Later on the next film he watched was Halloween 1978 and he loved it. As he got older he would go to his local DVD rental store and pick out the movies with the most morbid, disgusting covers. He was fascinated by the artwork but was still to young to rent them.

Anthony started going to horror conventions and talking to people in the business. Then started reading books on film making and special FX. After reading these books his curiosity grew. He knew this is what he wanted to do. Anthony started buying DVDs with special features included on how the film was made with the special effects. This made him realize what it takes to make a movie. Anthony's dad always supported him and is apart of his films. I know he will never stop making movies.   

Anthony is a big part of indie films, he’s a producer, FX artist, camera, writing. I think there is nothing he can’t do. He owns his own film company called Mayhem Films.

~Click it~

Anthony's first film is Movie Night.

A young HS horror lover goes on a killing spree, killing his victims as they watch movies.
''Movie Night is def the one you watch first. Corny. Backyard horror movie I made when I was 14.''



''Under a Blanket of Blue def will be my big movie for sure.
That's why all my focus is on that. Blanket is... KIDS meets Natural Born Killers meets Taxi Driver.’’


“In Nukaville, New Jersey lives the story of Marcus, a loner, living on the outskirts of life when he develops a love for the most popular girl in school, Mariah. The only problem is, she won’t notice him, he’ll stop at nothing to change that.”


M Is For Memoirs

This short film is a submission to the ABC's Of Death 2 competition. It is the story of a curse passed down from one killer to the next. The curse is passed in a collection of memoirs which contain stories of each killer it has been passed down from, leaving each new owner to write their own doomed fate in its withered pages.

Anthony and Adam Ahlbrandt worked on this together...give it a watch!

I really enjoyed looking into the life of this amazing young filmmaker from the Garden State. EHC will always give him the support he needs to make film. I think he is a very talented director, writer and has a keen eye for the gore. I cannot wait to own his movies and see what he can mind fuck us with future films. I want to thank Anthony for all the info and letting me keep bugging him. It is my pleasure to have you grace the front page of Extreme Horror Cinema.

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