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EHC's Blogging Preview

...And out of the Blue Corner emerges Phil Stevens. No rookie in the realm of Underground and independent films as this is his third feature. Our new front page is a highlight for his new project, which is likely to also be his most ambitious, and it has easily been the most challenging film he has ever had to shoot. The film is approaching its release, so we here at EHC thought we'd shine some light on the man, and this darkened film he is preparing for Round 3 of his career. 


The film, without jabbing across too much info (as we believe a minimal understanding of the film is best for it's viewing). Finds 6 women awaking in a house. Only to come to a realisation that they are no more. Trapped in a state of limbo, in an old, seemingly rotting house. Not only are they in limbo, trapped and confused, but the women also find the house they are trapped in.. Is that of a serial killer, whom of which they are all victims. 

                    "I truly wanted to bring art back into movies. I wanted to make a moving story out of my paintings." - Phil Stevens

Each woman has a different story to tell, as they journey through this house from hell,  unlocking doors and facts about the lives they once lead, long  forgotten. How'd they end up there? Will they find peace?  Will their taker of life face punishment? 

After a gruelling two years of production, things have finally wrapped. It's seemingly a very abstract piece of work, wrapped in a surreal cloth, with what is undoubtedly going to be dripping with such a foul and polluted atmosphere. Not only is the films plot unique and fresh, but it contains little, to no spoken dialogue. It's going to be one hell of a visual journey into a very dark corner of what could be your neighbours house. Visual images and the score is what will drive this film along a windy road through thick atmospheric fog. Not able to see what coming ahead. Let's all hope it's as sinister as it is cryptic... 

                "FLOWERS is a film that builds on the journey and not the destination."

At a young age Phil Stevens was drawn to the more artistic things in life. Socially misplaced, and not able to excell in sports, he turned to comics, and watching horror films. his artistic flares were started by him creating his own comic books, as well as when he recieved his first video camera at the ago of 12. Which he and what friends he had, used to film home movies.

                "Go behind locked doors, do whatever the hell you wanna do. Don't worry about any kind of audience to please. Just make the movie you wanna make. Regardless if people are going to fucking hate it or not."

His motives were to create something he himself wants to watch, tired of the horde of Indepandent films flooding the market trying to "out-gross" eachother, so he set out to make something he'd like, and be able to watch, a project of pure passion. We here at Extreme Horror Cinema are really anticpating the release of 'FLOWERS', we're looking forward to the decay it will bring. And Phil Stevens is someone whom we hope we can support and shine light on in his future projects. You can keep up to date on 'FLOWERS' by liking the Facebook page; located HERE!

Stay Tormented - General Ox

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